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Arabic Language Center

Professional Arabic Program

Serving the community of

Bay County

You will achieve your goal

Under the guidance of an instructor from Al-Azhar Institutes,

Arabic Language Center

أهلاً وسهلاً ومرحباً بكم

Ahlan Wa-Sahlan Wa-Marhaban Bikum.

In the Arabic Language Center (ALC), you'll master not only

vocabulary and syntax, but how to use the language to engage

effectively with the Arab culture. The focus will be on Modern

Standard Arabic during your three daily classroom hours, with

colloquial dialect. Outside the classroom, you'll select from a wide

array of in-language co- curricular activities – including calligraphy,

cooking, cinema, music, and the Qur'an – each designed to help you

build new vocabulary while developing cultural intimacy

Panama City, Florida.USA