The Executive Board of IUI welcome Mr Ihab Abdelgawad

as the Director of IUI & ALC

He will lead IUI & ALC .

He graduated from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt in 1988, he holds several degrees in Education and Language from Al-Azhar and otheruniversities:

  1. B.A in Spanish Language, Faculty of Languages and Translation -1988
  2. Diploma, Faculty of Education –BanhaUniversity -1995
  3. B.A in Theology, Faculty of Theology (UsoolEldin) -1999
  4. B.A in English, Faculty of Education –HelwanUniversity -2002
  5. In the past 20 years he worked in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  6. He is the Assistant Dean at Al-Azhar Institutes.
  7. He also worked for the Egyptian Endowments Ministry
  8. One of his duties at IUI is to establish high proficiency courses in Arabic Language and Middle Eastern Studies, which will be tailored for Businessmen, and Public and Private Organizations
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